Our Team

Kaleb Hurley

Lead Pastor

Pastor Kaleb was given a vision for Hope Church two years before the doors opened and the dream became a reality.  He has given many years to the call of God to raise up this body of believers and continues to pour himself out to do so.  Pastor Kaleb boldly proclaims the word of God, while building genuine relationships with a desire for ALL people to experience the Lord’s transformation; like his own has been transformed.

Pastor Kaleb was raised up by a discipleship training school and then served as a leader for the program for several years, followed by serving as a Worship & Young Adults Pastor before planting Hope Church.  He is supported by his partner in ministry and wife Kristy, their son and twin girls.  “PK” especially enjoys traveling, date-nights, watching football and connecting with people over a good cup of coffee.

Kristy Hurley

Youth Ministry & Women's Ministry Leader

Kristy is Pastor Kaleb's wife and has been helping Hope Church run since it was only a dream. She takes us to the next level with her administrative and organizational gifts, helping things run smoothly behind the scenes.  Kristy leads our women’s ministry by organizing quarterly Women of Hope events and mentoring women. She also oversees our Junior & Senior High Youth Ministry, making sure that our teens have a space to grow in their faith and have fun.

God developed Kristy’s heart for ministry through ten summers spent overseas doing missions work and attending Bible school. She desires to see the Church be healthy, reach more people and develop hearts that truly seek after the Lord. Among the countless other things she does, Kristy enjoys spending time with her husband, son and twin girls, as well as travelling, reading and being outdoors.

Kelli Kunkel

Administrative Support Staff

Kelli holds the fort down in our office.  As an Administrative Support Staff she is key in church communications, coordinating and anything else she can do to help build God’s Kingdom.  

Kelli joyfully serves on the worship team, enjoys CrossFit, and spending time with her husband Alex and their two little girls. Ultimately, she has a heart for Hope Church and continuing to see God on the move uniting people from all different walks of life to serve, learn and grow together.

Abi Gerdes

Support  Staff & Event Director

Abi has attended Hope since the beginning.  Abi is passionate about seeing people serve the Lord.  She has volunteered in various areas but found her niche with helping to coordinate events and other tasks around the office.
Abi loves people, decorating, and hosting-- the perfect combination for this creative mom of three (and 5 pets including a turtle and gecko).  She stays busy with her sports-loving family and Hope events!

Lucas Schuster

Tech Director 

Lucas has been highly involved in Hope Church from the very beginning. He has served in multiple roles, but spends the majority of his staff time overseeing the tech team, creating videos and helping with the general tech needs of the church.

Lucas loves to connect with people and share his faith, experiences, and passion for worship with them.  He loves to learn and is interested in just about everything.  Lucas is a great dad to his 3 kids and husband to his wife Mandy.  If you're looking for a good conversation, join him on his deck for a good pour-over or homemade kombucha.

Chloe Petersen

Worship Director

Chloe has been around Hope for many years.  She was a faithful member of the worship team before taking on the leadership role.  Chloe has a heart that desires to worship the Lord and a great gift to be able to lead us into worship.

Chloe and husband Micah enjoy spending time with their two daughters.

Juana Raatz

Hope Kids Director

Juana has been a part of Hope from the beginning.  She loves serving our kids and is driven by a desire to see them understand the love that their heavenly Father has for them, that He has a plan and purpose for their lives.  Juana takes great joy in the energy, enthusiasm and “child like faith” that our kids have and loves the chance to plant seeds that will impact eternity!

Juana enjoys spending time with her family at their seasonal campground and traveling the country together.  She and her husband Nathan have seven children.

Barry Heine

Benevolence Director

Barry has been faithfully serving at Hope Church since the beginning.  If there is an opportunity to work hard, Barry will be there.  His primary role as a volunteer staff member is to provide support to our Benevolence Ministry, but you never know what kind of project you'll find him working on.

When he's not volunteering at Hope or the auto repair shop he helps run, he is probably caring for someone going through a tough time, or enjoying the great outdoors with his wife Kris while sipping an iced tea.