This group has been made to stir up a God first community in our church by creating a place to have God First interaction! This will be a place to be inspired, challenged and encouraged to -in all things- give God first place in our lives! (while encouraging others to do the same.)
Here is what you can expect from this group:
1. To be a place where I (Pastor Kaleb) can bring you in to my life and share with you personal devo’s, book suggestions, verses, and stories on how we can pursue Jesus as to place him first in our everyday lives.
2. To be a place for you to drop God honoring testimonies and encouragement to encourage others to put God first in their lives.
(fyi: for the safety of the group, content will be monitored to ensure it supports the purpose of this page and honors the stances of Hope Church).
But please, please, please don’t let that stop you from sharing.
As you know by now… the more you share your heart, make personal comments on as many posts as possible, the more engagement and joy this page will bring to all.
Lastly, As a pastor and brother in Christ, I cannot wait to see what will happen when we create community that is solely centered around putting God first in our lives!!! Let’s Go!!